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Dictate with ease anywhere on the web!

Add to Chrome — It's Free

Are you a webmaster? Delight your users with the website plugin.

Try it here. Click the microphone button to turn dictation on, click "Allow" at the next prompt to allow access to your microphone, and start speaking.

Hello World!

Speak! supports sixty five languages and dozens of dialects.

Website plugin

Contact us to add Speak! to your website as a javascript plugin. Intergration is super simple and you can easilly style and position the toggle button as you wish.

You can customize how speech is processed by adding your own context files and functions to the pipeline. This enables numerous interesting applications and usability features. From fast multi-row data entry with real-time validation, to medical records entry with specialized terminology and auto-formatting, the possibilities are limitless.


Watch a short video on how to take advantage of the automatic editing, correction and punctuation features of Speak!



Punctuation is applied automatically based on the words and pauses in your speech and adjusted as you edit your text via dictation.


To correct a misheard or misspoken phrase or word, or to rephrase something, simply say it again as you want it to be and Speak! will automatically find and replace it. You can use this also to insert a missing punctuation mark. For example, saying "force comma" will insert a comma after the nearest word force.

You may even change the order of the words. For example, you can rephrase "Love is all we need" as "All you need is love".

Common misspeaking are fixed in real-time.

Inserted phrases are intelligently joined with the surrounding text, adjusting for punctuation, capitalization and repeated words.

Language switching

Say to French, to Hindi, etc. With the browser extension you can also right-click on the page to switch between your preferred languages.

Editing voice commands

  • undo
  • redo
  • undo replacement
  • select <word or phrase>
  • select all text

Formatting voice commands

Apply to either selected text or the phrase spoken after the command.
  • in quotes
  • in parenthesis
  • capitalize(d)
  • all caps
  • lowercase

Other voice commands

  • report
  • send, post, etc.


Enter more than 50 emoji by voice. Simply say happy face for 😊, laughing face for 😂, grinning face for 😁, etc.

Explicit punctuation and symbols

Mark Say
. full stop
! exclamation mark
? question mark
, comma
; semicolon
: colon punctation
" open quote
" end quote
( open parenthesis
) close parethesis
/ slash
& ampersand
' apostrophe
# hashtag
§ paragraph sign or paragraph mark
/ slash
* asterisk
@ at sign
© copyright sign
® registered sign
trademark sign
= equals sign
euro sign
¥ yen sign
· center dot
large center dot
^ caret
| vertical bar