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Web Keyboards: Questions And Answers

 General Questions and Answers

 Customization Questions and Answers


General Questions and Answers

1.  What browsers are supported?

Web-Keyboards functions with Internet Explorer 4 or higher on Windows platforms, Netscape 7 and Mozilla/Gecko 1.x on all platforms, and those based on them such as AOL.  There was a bug in Mozilla in 1.7.1* and 1.8.01 which has since been fixed.  With other browsers the button simply doesn't appear. If other browsers add DOM3 support, the button will appear on even more platforms. 

6. Will WebKeyboards affect my pages' load time?  

A standard installation of WebKeyboards will not slow down your pages because the code is downloaded only after a page has been parsed and displayed.   In addition the WebKeyboards script is also cached.  It is not downloaded on every page access.  If you have it installed on your server you should make sure it that caching of javascript files is enabled.

3 Can the keyboard layout be displayed for reference when typing?

Yes, one can display the currently selected layout by right-clicking on the keyboard switch button, or selecting 'Show Keyboard...' from the popup menu (depending on the browser version).

4. I need a switch for a language that is not available on list or I need a switch with a custom set of keyboards.   What should I do? 

Please email us and let us know what selection of keyboards you need.  We will be more than happy to compile a switch for you.  

5. Would WebKeyboards interfere with other code on the web-page?

The technology is designed in such a way so that it does not interfere with any other code you may have on your web-pages. 

7. Does WebKeyboards work with online IE 5+ based HTML editors?

Yes, it works.  It needs only adding 5 extra lines to the editor script.  Please, email us for instructions.

8. On what configurations has WebKeyboards been tested?

WebKeyboards has been tested to perform according to specification (see Answer 1) on Windows, Macintosh and Linux with IE 4-6, Netscape 4-7.0, Mozilla 1.0-1.3,1.7,  Firefox 2.0 alpha, Opera 5-7, and Konqueror.

9. Can we have the software installed on our web-server? 

Yes.  Contact us for instructions.  

 Customization Questions and Answers

1. Can I customize the look/style of the switch?

Yes.  You can change the appearance and behavior of the switch through a set of attributes in the SCRIPT tag.   You can change:

  • button style

  • label text

  • label style

  • button tip text and menu options captions (can be used to change the interface language)

  • the offset from the top-left corner of the currently selected text box when auto positioning is enabled.  

For details see the short manual.

3. How can I switch keyboards programmatically?

To switch keyboards programmatically use the ksw(kbIndex) function call where kbIndex is the position of a keyboard on the button menu (counting from 0).

4. How can I display the currently selected keyboard layout  programmatically?

To programmatically show the currently selected keyboard layout call kshow()

5. Can I have an arbitrary selection of keyboards available on the switch?

Yes.   Email us and let us know what selection you need so we can compile it for you.  

6. How can I change other things about the switch?

Sure. Please email us and we will be more than happy to advise you or create a solution for you.


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