Commission Rules Help

A commission rule defines a commission percent for iteneraries matching the its condition. All rules are evaluated in descending order of their commission percent against an itinerary and the first one that matches the itinerary determines the commission.    
Commission rule conditions are boolean expressions over the set of itinerary properties (airline, departure country, arrival country, departure airport, arrival airport, fare class, fare type and flight number) using standard logical operators (And, Or, Not) and comparison operators (<, >, <=, >=, =) as well as several special operators (In, Contains). See examples below.

Note that text value comparisson in rule conditions is not case-sensitive. Airport codes and other codes in rule conditions are automatically capitalized before rule evalution.

Example 1 (AEROMEXICO):

   ValidatingAirline = AM and FromCity in (LAX,LAS,SFO,ONT) and ToCountry = MX and FlightNumber >= 0001 and FlightNumber <=2999

Example 2 (American Airlines):
    ValidatingAirline = AA and OperatingAirline = AA and (FromCountry = US and FromCity <> MIA) and ToCity in (SSA, REC) and FareClass in (F,P,A,J,C,D,I,Y,B,H,K,M,L,W,V,G,S,N,Q)
Additional Tips
To indicate all of Central America use: [To|From]Region = CA - a shortcut for [To|From]Country in (BZ,CR,GT,HN,NI,PA,SV)
To indicate all of South America use: [To|From]Region = SA - a shortcut for [From|From]Country in in (AR,BR,BO,CL,CO,EC,GY,PY,PE,SR,UY,VE)

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