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DataSourceAttribute Class

Indicates the DataSource to which instances of a class are bound by default. This can be overwritten by calling SelectFrom...Select(datasource) instead of SelectFrom...Select(), or businessObject.Save(datasource) instead of businessObject.Save().

For a list of all members of this type, see DataSourceAttribute Members.


public class DataSourceAttribute : Attribute

Thread Safety

Public static (Shared in Visual Basic) members of this type are safe for multithreaded operations. Instance members are not guaranteed to be thread-safe.


Usually many business classes share the same datasource and therefore it is a good idea to have an intermediary base class decorated with this attribute instead of decorating all business classes individually. See the example in BusinessObject.


Namespace: Kredor.BO

Assembly: KREDOR.BOFramework (in KREDOR.BOFramework.dll)

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