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KREDOR Decision Engines       

The Easy-to-Use Decision Engine You’ve Been Searching For

Robust, Powerful and Customizable
Whether you need to simplify rules-based decisioning within your organization, a flexible risk management system, or a platform to manage relationships with external customers and strategic partners, KREDOR’s Decision Engine is the software you’ve been looking for. The KREDOR Decision Engine is…

  • Easy to Use: Designed to empower your Business Managers and Analysts to create and manage rules and models directly, without IT staff envolvement.
  • Versatile: Supports both rules-based and statistical model based scenarios.
  • Customizable: KREDOR can custom-tailor the rules editor, expressions language, user editor and more, all to meet your specific needs.
  • Succinct: Express complex logic in a concise and intuitive way, using a minimum number of rules. You can even reuse expressions across rules to improve manageability.
  • Secure: Customers and partners outside of your company can have accounts and connect to your platform.
  • Fast: Designed for high-throughput with sub-millisecond execution times.
  • Immediate: React to changing business conditions in real time – no need for days or weeks of programming and deployment by IT staff.
  • Easy to Setup: Whether hosted or installed in-house, the KREDOR Decision Engine can easily integrate with any of your existing applications via web services or other API options.
  • Sophisticated: Features advanced publishing, ruleset testing, and auditing.
  • Affordable: Flexible pricing options are available.

Used for a Wide Variety of Applications
KREDOR’s Decision Engine can be used for everything from automating financial underwriting and checking transactions for compliance purposes to calculating commissions, risk management, fraud detection, and much more. Click on the links below for some demonstrations of what the KREDOR Decision Engine can do.

Demos / Try:

Air travel commission calculation This example from the travel industry shows an implementation of the KREDOR Decision Engines for managing air travel booking commissions. Airlines have frequently changing, complex booking commission contracts with large travel booking agents, specifying different commissions for different destinations, flight classes and other criteria. KREDOR Decision Engine is at the core of an online system that simplifies the process for everyone involved and ensures correct commissions are dispersed
Money Transfer Suspicious Activity Reporting (SARS) Money Transfer companies are required by law to monitor and report activities that suggest money laundering may be taking place. Each company must implement its own detection rules based on the characteristics of its specific customer base. A suspicious activity could thus be a single transaction, or a sequence of transactions involving remitters and beneficiaries. This requires a decision engine that supports analyzing and reporting transactions in context, and that allows functions with arguments in rules. This demo shows the user interface for editing rules.

Top 5 reasons To Use KREDOR Rules Enginies

There are many compelling reasons to use KREDOR Rules Engines.  These are the Top Five:

1 Can accommodate even the most sophisticated needs.
Its customizability, publishing features, expressive rules language, plug-in architecture and multiple API options can accommodate any business scenario.
2 High Performance
Compiled instead of interpreted rulesets and statistical models result in high throughput and low latency.
3 Powerful User Interface
The sophisticated web-based user interface includes an Autosuggest feature which makes editing rules a breeze.
4 Proven Solution
Many businesses in many industries from financial to travel to e-commerce have already adopted KREDOR Decision Engine with great success.
5 Save time and resources.
Automate your rules-based or statistical-based decisioning with a solution that fits your needs, at a fraction of the cost and time it would take to develop a system in-house or to buy and configure an expensive general purpose third party product.


KREDOR Rules Engines
Capable of handling even the most sophisticated rules-engine needs thanks to a powerful language, a great UI with intellisense and complete customizability.
Straightforward to integrate with the rest of your system. 

KREDOR .NET Business Object Framework 2.0
Speeds up .NET software development by up to four times.  Allows developers to focus on business logic by automatically taking care of all data access.

Advanced Statistical Reverse Transliteration
99.8% accuracy, independent of spelling, mixed text, general purpose transliteration technology.  40 times reduction in errors.  Great for international web sites, email providers and libraries.


Web Keyboards - free!
Add a multi-lingual keyboard switch to your web pages.