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Transliteration of bulgarian text from Roman to Cyrillic
Транслитерация на български текст от латиница на кирилица

Almost 100% accuracy independent of the style of Roman transcription.
Почти 100%-ва точност независимо от стила на писане на латиница.




KREDOR Rules Engines
Capable of handling even the most sophisticated rules-engine needs thanks to a powerful language, a great UI with intellisense and complete customizability.
Straightforward to integrate with the rest of your system. 

KREDOR .NET Business Object Framework 2.0
Speeds up .NET software development by up to four times.  Allows developers to focus on business logic by automatically taking care of all data access.

Advanced Statistical Reverse Transliteration
99.8% accuracy, independent of spelling, mixed text, general purpose transliteration technology.  40 times reduction in errors.  Great for international web sites, email providers and libraries.


Web Keyboards - free!
Add a multi-lingual keyboard switch to your web pages.