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Products: KREDOR Business Object Framework - Overview

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Kredor Business Object Framework is a .NET framework for business systems development.   At its core, is a class library which provides automatic binding of objects to databases allowing for a clean object-oriented system architecture and dramatically reduces the amount of code that has to be written compared to traditional .NET development.  (Median case results indicate a 80% reduction in necessary code writing.)

How it works.  The core of the KREDOR Framework is an abstract class called BusinessObject, which provides automatic database binding and other services to classes that derive from it.   For example, to persist an object to the database all you have to do is call the .Save() method on the object.

To query the database and select business objects you use the SelectFrom<T>class similar in syntax to the SQL SELECT statement.

You can define object trees declarativelly by using attributes on child fields or properties. Such object trees are loaded automatically by the framework.  

Streamlined Software.  In today's competitive business world companies demand quickly developed software systems that match their business model and are easy to maintain and adapt to future needs. Instead .NET business systems often take months, sometimes years to develop and the resulting systems are difficult to maintain.   

This should not be the case.  With KREDOR Business Object Framework you can model a business in software without vast amounts of redundant, inflexible code. 

It not only frees you from the cumbersome, error-prone and hard-to-maintain data-access and other plumbing code,  but it promotes a clean object oriented architecture of your system.    

Savings.  Overall code reduction from using KREDOR Business Object Framework is about 80%.

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Demo (10 min movie)
See the development of an ASP.NET application using KREDOR Business Object Framework. 
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KREDOR .NET Business Object Framework 2.0
Speeds up .NET software development by up to four times.  Allows developers to focus on business logic by automatically taking care of all data access.

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