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KREDOR Business Object Framework:
Frequenty Asked Questions

  • What is KREDOR Business Object Framework?
  • What time savings can be expected?
  • What is the performance of the framework?
  • How secure is the framework?
  • Are transactions supported?
  • What is the learning curve?
  • I have already started development, can I still use it in my project?
  • What is KREDOR Business Object Framework?  KREDOR Business Object Framework is a .NET framework for business systems development.  At the core of KREDOR Business Object Framework is a .NET class library that provides among other services automatic binding of objects to database.   Classes that inherit from an abstract base class in the library called BusinessObject are automatically bound to a database.  The developer does not have to write tons of inflexible, error-prone data-acces code anymore. There are additional tools integrated with Visual Studio that make the job of the developer still easier.   But the KREDOR Business Object Framework is not just a class library.  It promotes a clean object oriented architecture of your software.
  • What time savings can be expected by adopting KREDOR Business Object Framework?  Typical savings that our customers report is 60 to 80% less time in code writing for their projects (3 to 4 times reduction).
  • What is the performance?  The performance of the framework is about the same as that of the traditional approach using the ADO.NET Dataset, but thanks to the flexibility of the Object Oriented design the framework promotes, overall application performance is often greatly improved.  This is particularly true of ASP.NET applications.
  • How secure is the framework?  Thanks to the encapsulation of all data-access inside the framework, tha lack of dynamic sql as well as static data-access code your application becomes highly secure.  In addition there are various checks and measures in the framework that further strengthen security.  It supports running applications in Partial Trust. 
  • Are transactions supported?  Yes. KREDOR Business Object Framwork provides several convenient methods to wrap code in single database transactions (for both .NET 1.1 and 2.0) or you can use the distributed transaction language construct available in C# 2.0 and VB.NET 2.0. 
  • What is the learning curve?  The framework has been designed to be simple and straightforward. It shouldn't take more than an hour to get comfortable with it if you are already familiar with .NET and object oriented concepts.
  • How difficult is it to switch to KREDOR Business Object Framework? All you need to do is run Setup.  The framework can be used in parallel with your existing code in the same solution.  You don't need to rewrite any code.
  • I have already started the development of a system based on a traditional design and I have only X months to complete it.  Is it too late to switch?  Not at all. Because the framework will speed up your development by as much as 80% and provides for so much simpler and more flexible software in the end, that unless you are very close to finishing your project, you should switch.   It is common sense.

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See the development of an ASP.NET application using KREDOR Business Object Framework. 
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KREDOR .NET Business Object Framework 2.0
Speeds up .NET software development by up to four times.  Allows developers to focus on business logic by automatically taking care of all data access.

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